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Transactions of the 39th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 31 to April 3 1974 in Denver, Colorado


    PART I Opening General Session New Planning and Management Approaches for Natural Resources

    Formal Opening, Daniel A. Poole

    Remarks of the Chairman, Gilbert F. White

    Organizing for the Management of Natural Resources, Charles F. Bingman

    National Water Commission Report in Relation to Wildlife, Ray K. Linsley

    Water Development- Better Planning, Warren D. Fairchild

    Corps of Engineers Role in Balancing Environmental Needs and Society's Demands for Developing Resources, Major General]. W. Morris

    Concluding Remarks, Gilbert F. White

    PART II Technical Sessions Advances and Needs in Land Use Planning and Management

    Remarks of the Chairman, Boyd H. Gibbons III

    Land Use: Is It Bigger Than a Breadbox?, Boyd H. Gibbons III

    PANEL - Protecting Critical Environmental Areas

    Florida's Approach to Protecting Critical Environmental Areas, John P. Ingle III

    The Developer's Role in Preserving Wildlife Habitats, Charles E. Fraser

    Constitutional Limits in Protecting Critical Areas, Fred P. Bosselman

    Nongame Wildlife: Policies, Responsibilities and Management Approaches

    PANEL - Nongame Wildlife: Policies, Programs, Progress

    States' Needs and Responsibilities in Nongame Wildlife, Carl N. Crouse

    Nongame Wildlife: A Federal Perspective, Lee M. Talbot

    Nongame Wildlife Programs of Private Organizations, Charles H. Callison

    Contributions of the Universities to Nongame Wildlife Policies, Programs, Progress, Gustav A. Swanson

    Preliminary Views on Nongame Wildlife Policy, Roland C. Clement

    Seabirds-Alaska's Most Neglected Resource, LeRoy W. Sowl and James C. Bartonek

    Progress in Saving Endangered Species, Keith M. Schreiner and C. E. Ruhr

    Trumpeter Swan Management in the National Wildlife Refuge System, Conrad A. Fjetland

    Social and Economic Dimensions in Natural Resources Management

    Remarks of the Chairman, Robert C. Lucas

    PANEL - Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Wildlife

    Cross Cultural Comparison of Attitudes Toward Wildlife,

    Meanings of Wildlife for Americans: Contemporary Attitudes and Social Trends, William W. Shaw

    PANEL - Changing Attitudes Toward Hunting

    Attitudes of College Students Toward Hunting, Dale L. Shaw and D. L. Gilbert

    Attitudes of South Dakota Residents Toward Dove Hunting, Raymond L. Linder, Robert T. Wagner, Robert M. Dimit, and Robert B. Dahlgren

    PANEL - Landowner Attitudes Toward Use of Lands for Recreation

    New York Landowners' Attitudes Toward Recreation Activities, Tommy L. Brown

    Utah Landholders' Attitudes Toward Hunting, James R. Kitts and Jessop B. Low

    PANEL - Assessing Values of Wildlife Benefits

    Economic Survey of Southeastern Wildlife and Wildlife-Oriented Recreation, Joseph C. Horvath

    Identifying Optimal Wildlife Resource Supply Quantities Which Maximize Public Use Benefits, Edgar J. Prenzlow, Peter M. Ashton and Ronald A. Wykstra

    Wildlife Priorities and Benefits: Now, 2000, and Beyond, Elwood L. Shafer and George H. Moeller

    Predators: Research, Management, and Policy

    Remarks of the Chairman, Frederic H. Wagner

    PANEL - Controlling Predators for Management Purposes

    Predator-Prey Relationships on an Iowa Waterfowl Nesting Area, Steven Michael Byers

    Intensive Short-Term Predator Removal as a Game Management Tool, Samuel L. Beasom

    Relationship of Red Foxes and Other Predators to Populations of Ring-Necked Pheasants and Other Prey, South Dakota, Carl G. Trautman, Larry F. Fredrickson and Arthur V. Carter

    Impact of Uncontrolled Dogs on Wildlife and Livestock, Richard N. Denney

    Overview of Predator-Livestock Problems with Emphasis on Livestock Losses, Donald S. Balser

    Current Problems and Techniques in Raptor Management and Conservation, Clayton M. White

    Wolf Management in Minnesota: An Endangered Species Case History, Victor Van Ballenberghe

    Institutional Inputs for Cheetah Conservation in Africa, Norman Myers

    Achieving Balanced Considerations in Public Lands Programs

    Remarks of the Chairman, William E. Towell

    View of Current Forest Policy, With Questions Regarding the Future State of Forests and Criteria of Management, W. Scott Overton and Larry M. Hunt

    Considerations for Wildlife in the Allocation of Montana's Forested Habitats, E. Earl Willard and Lee E. Eddleman

    Balanced Program for the National Forest System, Philip L. Thornton

    Off-Road Vehicles: On or Off the Public Lands, Stuart P. Davey

    Planning Alaska's Future, Burton W. Silcock

    Conservation in Mineral Development: Why be Concerned?, Edwin H. Montgomery

    Achievements and Needs in Environmental Information and Education

    Remarks of the Chairman, William J. Mullendore

    New Role for Government Information and Education Personnel, M. Rupert Cutler

    How to Get the Most Effective Use From Your I & E Staff, James F. Keefe

    Continuing Education Needs of Wildlife and Fisheries Managers, J. L. George, S.S. Dubin, and B. M. Nead

    Function of Repeated Primitive Wilderness Living Experiences in the Development of Inner City Children's Identification with and Understanding of the Natural World, Suzanne Meyer Mittenthal

    New Foundation for Environmental Education Progress in Wisconsin, David W. Walker

    State of the Art in Environmental Education Planning, Richard E. Rocchio

    Agency Programs Improved Through Community Coordination, Ed Landin and Peggy Charles

    PART III Closing General Session Energy Developments and Ecosystem Management

    Remarks of the Chairman, Gerald W. Thomas

    Criteria for Balancing Energy and Environmental Needs, Mrs. V. Crane Wright

    Meeting Energy and Environmental Needs: Industry's Views, T. F. Bradshaw

    Energy Crisis in Perspective: The Public's Views, S. David Freeman

    Mining and the Public's Resources, Senator Lee Metcalf

    Environmental Effects of Surface Mining and the Need for Ecosystem Management, William S. Platts

    Closing Remarks, Laurence R. Jahn

    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.