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Transactions of the 44th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 24 to 28, 1979 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Strategies for the Eighties

    Opening Remarks, Daniel A. Poole
    Wildlife Conservation in Canada at the National Level, Honourable Len Marchand
    Strengthening National and International Wildlife Programs, Honorable Robert L. Herbst
    A Strategy for the Conservation of Wild Living Resources, David A. Munro
    Energy Mining Impacts and Wildlife Management: Which Way to Turn, Robert G. Streeter, Russell T. Moore, Janet J. Skinner, Stephen G. Martin, Ted L. Terrel, Willard D. Klimstra, James Tate, Jr., and Michelle J. Nolde
    Energy from Forests: Environmental and Wildlife Implications, David Pimentel, Sterling Chick and Walter Vergara

    National Wildlife and Fisheries Policy

    Wildlife Management in Canada-A Perspective, Eugene F. Bossenmaier
    Federal Roles in Wildlife Management in Canada, Hugh Boyd
    Citizen View of Wildlife Enforcement, E. J. Psikla
    Kaminuriak Caribou Herd: Interjurisdictional Management Problems, Norman M. Simmons, Douglas C. Heard and George W. Calef
    Can Ducks Be Managed by Regulation?
    An Examination of Harvest and Survival Rates of Ducks in Relation to Hunting, John P. Rogers, James D. Nichols, Fant W. Martin, Charles F. Kimball, and Richard S. Pospahala
    Can Ducks Be Managed by Regulation in Canada?, F. Graham Cooch

    Wildlife and Fisheries Research Needs

    Opening Remarks, Ronald F. Labisky
    Assessment of Problems in Fish and Wildlife Research, Stephen C. Smith, Gerald Cross, Douglas Chapman and Allen Farris
    Status of Current Research in Wildlife, Alexander T. Cringan, Dale H. Arner, Robert J. Robel, Jack Ward Thomas and Ronald L. Walker
    Status of Current Research in Fisheries, Blake F. Grant, Robert E. Putz, Robert F. Hutton, Joe G. Dillard, Leon A. Kirkland and Henry A. Regier
    Research Needs in Wildlife, Glen C. Sanderson, Ernest D. Ables, Rollin D. Sparrowe, Jack R. Grieb, Lawrence D. Harris and Aaron N. Moen
    Research Needs in Fisheries, Peter B. Moyle, Rupert E. Andrews, Robert M. Jenkins, Richard L. Noble, Saul B. Saila and William Q. Wick
    The Role of Federal Agencies in Fish and Wildlife Research, Charles M. Loveless, John E. Crawford, Clyde Jones, Robert Linn, Thomas Ripley and Dixie R. Smith
    The Role of State Agencies in Fish and Wildlife Research, William R. Edwards, James B. Hale, James A. Timmerman, Jr., William G. Youatt and Herbert Doig
    Role of Universities in Fish and Wildlife Research, Milton W. Weller, Niles R. Kevern, Tony J. Peterle, Donald R. Progulske, James G. Teer and Richard A. Tubb
    Enabling Mechanisms for the Support of Fish and Wildlife Research at Academic Institutions, Ronald F. Labisky, Willard D. Klimstra, John L. Gray, Laurence R. Jahn, Carl R. Sullivan and Michael D. Zagata
    Concluding Remarks, John S. Gottschalk

    Northern Resource Developments: Fish and Wildlife Implications

    Hydroelectric Developments in Northern Quebec, G. Jean Doucet and J. Roger Bider
    The Alaska Oil Pipeline in Retrospect, David R. Klein
    Historical Sketch of the Proposal for an Arctic International Wildlife Range, Nancy J. Russell
    Is Arctic Offshore Drilling for the Birds: Some Technical and Policy Concerns of Environmentalists, D. J. Gamble
    Canada's Decision to Deliver Western Arctic Natural Gas, Carson H. Templeton

    New Dimensions in Wildlife Management

    Theory in Wildlife Conservation and Management, Thomas D. N udds
    Interests and Attitudes of Metropolitan New York Residents about Wildlife, Tommy L. Brown and Chad P. Dawson
    Beliefs of Birders, Hunters, and Wildlife Professionals about Wildlife Management, Daniel J. Witter and William W. Shaw
    Improving Ethical Behavior in Hunters, Robert Jackson, Robert Norton and Ray Anderson
    Incorporating Society's Concerns into Trapping Systems: Progress on an Immediate Challenge, Dan Manthorpe
    Political Assault on Wildlife Management: Is There A Defense?, James W. Goodrich

    Coordinating Wildlife Habitat Inventories and Evaluations

    Opening Remarks, Charles T. Cushwa
    Trends and Needs in Federal Inventories of Wildlife Habitat, Allan Hirsch, William B. Krohn, Dennis L. Schweitzer and Carl H. Thomas
    State Efforts to Inventory Wildlife Habitat, C. D. Besadny
    Evaluation of Wildlife Habitat Inventories of Federal, Provincial, and State Governments
    Appraising Four Field Methods of Terrestrial Habjtat Evaluation, Jonathan A. Ellis, James N. Burroughs, Michael J. Armbruster, Diana L. Hallett, Paul A. Korte and Thomas S. Baskett
    Preliminary Evaluation of a National Wildlife and Fish Data Base, Thomas W. Hoekstra, Dennis L. Schweitzer, Stanley H. Anderson, Robert B. Barnes, and Charles T. Cushwa
    A Comparison of Three Systems for Evaluating Forest Wildlife Habitat, James B. Whelan, Alan R. Tipton, James F. Williamson, Paul R. Johansen, Joseph P. McClure and Noel D. Cost
    Regional Evaluation of Wildlife Habitat Quality Using Rapid Assessment Methodologies, Duane A. Asherin, Henry L. Short, and James E. Roelle
    Efforts to Inventory Wildlife Habitat
    RUN WILD II: A Storage and Retrieval System for Wildlife Data, David R. Patton
    Habitat Assessment for Breeding Bird Populations, Stanley H. Anderson
    Maryland Wildlife Resources Information Retrieval System, John Antenucci, Stephen A. Miller and Carlo R. Brunori
    Progress Toward a Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring Program for the U.S. Space Shuttle Program, I. Jack Stout
    Summary Statement, Merrill L. Petoskey

    Managing International Living Resources

    Conservation of Living Resources in Antarctica, Robert J. Hofman
    Joint Marine Mammal Programs Between the U.S. and U.S.S.R., Robert V. Miller and John J. Burns
    Management of Seals in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, D. M. Lavigne
    Critical Shorebird Resources in James Bay and Eastern North America, R. I. Guy Morrison and Brian A. Harrington
    The State of Knowledge of the Porcupine Caribou Herd, John P. Kelsa/1 and David R. Klein
    The Future of International Wildlife Conservation: A Federal Perspective, Gerard A. Bertrand

    The Great Lakes: Demands, Problems and Opportunities

    Shoreline Processes Affecting the Distribution of Wetland Habitat, James W. Geis
    Organochlorine Contaminants and Trends in Reproduction in Great Lakes Herring Gulls, 1974-1978, D. Vaughn Weseloh, Pierre Mineau and Douglas J. Hallett
    Changes in Species Composition of Great Lakes Fish Communities Caused by Man, Henry A. Regier

    Native Peoples and Natural Resources Management

    Federal, Provincial and State Government Perspectives
    Native Claims Settlements and Resource Management in Alaska, Ronald 0. Skoog
    Some Aspects of the Native Harvest of Wildlife in Canada, G. H. Finney
    A Legal Perspective on Natives and Wildlife in Canada, Constance D. Hunt
    Management of United States Fish and Wildlife Resources and Special Rights of Native AmericansJames M. Johnson, Sr.
    Management of Fish and Wildlife Resources by Native Governments
    Views of the National Indian Brotherhood of Canada, Dennis Nicholas
    The Northwest Fishing Rights Controversy: An Indian Perspective, Guy R. McMinds
    Indian Hunting and Fishing Rights, Hans Walker
    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.