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Transactions of the 47th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 26 to 31, 1982 in Portland, Oregon


    Improving Resource Management

    Opening Remarks, Daniel A. Poole

    Status and Future of Wilderness Designations and Management, Honorable James A. McClure

    Outlook for Fish and Wildlife in the 97th Congress, Honorable John B. Breaux

    Resource Management Thrusts and Opportunities: Fish and Wildlife-A Fuller Dimension to Improved Resource Management, John B. Crowell, Jr.

    Resource Management Thrusts and Opportunities: National Parks and Wildlife Refuges, G. Ray Arnett

    Resource Management Thrusts and Opportunities: BLM-Administered Public Lands, D. Dean Bibles

    Habitat Classification-Assessments for Wildlife and Fish

    Opening Remarks, William B. Krohn and Hal Salwasser

    Needs For and Approaches to Wildlife Habitat Assessment, Jack Ward Thomas

    Habitat Models for Land-Use Planning: Assumptions and Strategies for Development, Adrian H. Farmer, Michael J. Armbruster, James W. Terrell, and Richard L. Schroeder

    Development and Use of a Habitat Gradient Model to Evaluate Wildlife Habitat, Henry L. Short

    Wildlife Communities and Land Classification Systems, Douglas B. Inkley and Stanley H. Anderson

    Habitat Evaluation: A Comparison of Three Approaches on the Northern Great Plains, William K. Seitz, Craig L. Kling, and Adrian H. Farmer

    Validating Habitat Quality Assessment: An Example, Richard A. Lancia, S. Douglas Miller, David A. Adams, and Dennis W. Hazel

    HEP as a Planning Tool: An Application to Waterfowl Enhancement, Scott C. Matulich, Jeffrey E. Hanson, Ivan Lines, and Adrian Farmer

    Project Applications of the Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region Wildlife and Fish Habitat Relationships System, Judy L. Sheppard, Dale L. Wills, and James L. Simonson

    Solving the Habitat Dispersion Problem in Forest Planning, Stephen P. Mealey, James F. Lipscomb, and K. Norman Johnson

    Status of the Habitat Evaluation Procedures, Mel Schamberger

    Evolution of the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Inventory System, Donald L. Schrupp

    The Forest Service Wildlife and Fish Habitat Relationships Program, Robert D. Nelson and Hal Salwasser

    Closing Remarks, Hal Salwasser and William B. Krohn

    Formal Education-Resource Career Development Relationships

    New Directions in Career Preparation: The Campus Connection, David T. Hoopes

    Teaching Vertebrate Pest Control: A Challenge to Wildlife Professionals, Robert M. Timm

    Training Biologists in Institutional Topics: Federal Needs and Viable Approaches, Stephen A. Miller and Dennis L. Schweitzer

    Expectations For Entry-Level Biologists: What Are State and Provincial Agencies Looking For?, Richard 0. Anderson

    Influence of Cooperative Wildlife and Fishery Units on Graduate Education and Professional Employment, Rollin D. Sparrowe

    Expanding Career Horizons Through a Formal Career Development Seminar, R. Douglas Slack, Richard L. Noble, Nova J. Silvy, and Raymond C. Telfair, II

    An Integrative Approach to Resource Management Education, Ronald T. Ro/let and Richard Block

    Project Learning Tree and Project WILD, Resource Models for Education at the Elementary and Secondary Levels, Clifford R. Hamilton

    Marine Mammals: Conflicts with Fisheries, Other Management Problems, and Research Needs

    Assessment of California Sea Lion Fishery Interactions, Douglas P. Demaster, Daniel J. Miller, Daniel Goodman, Robert L. DeLong, and Brent S. Stewart

    Marine Mammal-Fisheries Interactions in Oregon and Washington: An Overview, Robert D. Everitt and Richard J. Beach

    Interactions of Northern Fur Seals and Commercial Fisheries, Charles W. Fowler

    Status of Alaska Sea Otter Populations and Developing Conflicts with Fisheries, Ancel M. Johnson

    Documentation and Assessment of Marine Mammal-Fishery Interactions in the Bering Sea, Lloyd F. Lowry

    Marine Mammal-Fishery Interactions: A Report From an IUCN Workshop, D. M. Lavigne

    Forest-Wildlife Management in the Pacific Northwest

    Spotted Owl Research and Management in the Pacific Northwest, Eric D. Forsman, Kirk M. Horn, and William A. Neitro

    Habitat Use by Nesting and Roosting Bald Eagles In the Pacific Northwest, Robert G. Anthony, Richard L. Knight, George T. Allen, B. Riley McClelland, and John I. Hodges

    Old-Growth Forests and Black-Tailed Deer on Vancouver Island, A. S. Harestad, James A. Rochelle, and Fred L. Bunnell

    Management of Roosevelt Elk Habitat and Harvest, E. E. Starkey, D. S. deCalesta, and G. W. Witmer

    Role of Cover in Habitat Management for Big Game in Northwestern United States, James M. Peek, Michael D. Scott, Louis J. Nelson, D. John Pierce, and Larry L. Irwin

    Patterns of Old-Growth Harvest and Implications for Cascades Wildlife, Larry D. Harris, Chris Maser, and Arthur McKee

    Biological Control of Forest Insect Outbreaks: The Use of Avian Predators, John Y. Takekawa, Edward 0. Garton, and Lisa A. Langelier

    Current Challenges in Resource Management

    Restoring Natural Conditions in a Boreal Forest Park, Glen F. Cole

    In Search of a Diversity Ethic For Wildlife Management, Fred B. Samson and Fritz L. Knopf

    Public Support For Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Management: Which Way Is It Going?, Jeffrey J. Jackson

    California's Central Valley Wintering Waterfowl: Concerns and Challenges, David S. Gilmer, Michael R. Miller, Richard D. Bauer, and John R. LeDonne

    Current Status and Management Challenges For Tule White-Fronted Geese, Daniel E. Timm, Michael L. Wege, and David S. Gilmer

    Constraints on Developments for Wildlife on Private Lands, L. Ross Shelton

    Rationale and Options for Management in Grizzly Bear Sanctuaries, C. J. Martinka

    Let's Tell The Truth About Predation, Bart W. O'Gara

    Western Riparian Habitats and Wetlands

    Vegetative Delineation of Coastal Salt Marsh Boundaries, H. Peter Eilers, Alan Taylor, and William Sanville

    Relationships Between Avifauna and Streamside Vegetation, Evelyn L. Bull and Jon M. Skov/in

    Livestock and Riparian-Fishery Interactions: What Are the Facts?, William S. Platts

    Characterization of Playas of the North-Central Llano Estacado in Texas, Fred S. Guthery, Jean M. Pates, and Fred A. Stormer

    Playas, Irrigation, and Wildlife in West Texas, Eric G. Bolen and Fred S. Guthery

    Sandhill Cranes and the Platte River, Gary L. Krapu, Kenneth J. Reinecke, and Charles R. Frith

    Wildlife Values Versus Human Recreation: Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Stephen H. Bouffard

    Waterfowl Production at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 1942-1980, John E. Cornely

    Alaska: Resource Management Progress and Challenges

    Renewable Resource Commitments and Conflicts in Southeast Alaska, John W. Matthews and Donald E. McKnight

    Resource Allocation Challenges on the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska, Robert W. Phillips

    Old-Growth Timber and Wildlife Management in Southeast Alaska: A Question of Balance, David T. Hoopes

    Effects of Increased Human Populations on Wildlife Resources of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, Edward E. Bangs, Ted H. Spraker, Theodore N. Bailey, and Vernon D. Berns

    Wildlife and Fishery Allocation in Alaska, 1982: Allocations for Subsistence, Commercial, and Recreational Use, Gregory F. Cook

    Subsistence Use of Fish and Game Resources in Alaska: Considerations in Formulating Effective Management Policies, Dennis D. Kelso

    Interstate and International Management Implications of Salmon Hatchery Production, Robert S. Roys

    Human Dimensions in Wildlife Management

    Historical Trends In American Animal Use and Perception, Stephen R. Kellert and Miriam O. Westervelt

    The Influence of Hunter Density on Firearm Deer Hunters' Satisfaction: A Field Experiment, Thomas A. Heberlein, John N. Trent, and Robert M. Baumgartner

    Nonconsumptive Wildlife-Associated Recreation in the U.S.: Identifying the Other Constituency, James R. Lyons

    Identifying and Relating Organized Publics to Wildlife Management Issues: A Planning Study, Tommy L. Brown and Daniel J. Decker

    Hunter-Landowner Relationship: A Management and Educational Perspective, Robert M. Jackson and Raymond K. Anderson

    Recreation Opportunity Spectrum With Implications for Wildlife-Oriented Recreation, Perry J. Brown

    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.