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Transactions of the 49th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 23 to 28, 1984 in Boston, Massachusetts


    Strengthening Natural Resource Stewardship and Management

    Opening Remarks, Daniel A. Poole

    Canada's Natural Resource Management Programs and Needs, Charles L. Caccia

    Address by the Secretary of the Interior, The Honorable William Clark

    New Directions in Resource Management, The Honorable John H. Chafee

    U.S. Federal Farm Programs, The Honorable Roger W. Jepsen

    Fisheries and Wildlife Management in an Urbanizing State, The Honorable James S. Hoyte

    Current Water Management Policies and Procedures, Alvin L. Alm

    International Cooperation for Wetland Conservation: The Ramsar Convention, David Navid

    Using Socioeconomics in Resource Management

    Utility of Socioeconomic Research in Wildlife Management, Edward E. Langenau, Jr.

    Developing Human Dimensions in New York's Wildlife Research Program, George F. Mattfeld, Daniel J. Decker, Tommy L. Brown, Stuart L. Free, and Peggy R. Sauer

    Human Research and New Jersey's Deer Management Program, Robert L. McDowell, James E. Applegate, and Robert C. Lund

    Hunter Surveys and Wildlife Management: Wisconsin's Experience, Thomas A. Heberlein and Kent E. Klepinger

    Using Angler Preference Data in Defining Types of Sport Fisheries to Manage, B. L. Driver, Clynn Phillips, Eric P. Bergersen, and Charles C. Harris

    Using Socioeconomic Data in the Management of Fishing and Hunting, Gregory S. Alward, Bradley J. Sullivan, and Thomas W. Hoekstra

    Socioeconomic Profiles of Missouri Deer Poachers: Management Applications, Ronald L. Glover and Thomas S. Baskett

    Integrating Fish and Wildlife in Land Management

    The Conservation Benefits of USDA's Acreage Reduction Programs, Gordell Brown

    Federal Land Retirement Program: A Land Management Albatross?, Alfred H. Berner

    Integrating Wildlife Habitat Features in Agricultural Programs, M. Rupert Cutler

    Potential Benefits of Organic Farming Practices for Wildlife and Natural Resources, I. G. Youngberg, J. F. Parr, and R. I. Papendick

    Minnesota Landowner Attitudes Toward Wildlife Habitat Management, Franklin J. Svoboda

    Farm Wildlife Production: What Does It Cost?, Edward C. Soutiere

    Forest Landowners' Perspectives on Wildlife Management in New England, Lee Alexander and Stephen R. Kellert

    The Woodland Owners' Role in Wildlife Habitat Management, Edward G. McWilliams and Marvin W. Blumenstock

    Nongame Wildlife: Funding and Programs

    Publicity Strategies and Techniques for Minnesota's Nongame Wildlife Checkoff, Carrol L. Henderson

    A Profile of Contributors to the West Virginia Nongame Wildlife Program, Kathleen Carothers and Kenneth B. Knight

    Factors Related to Revenue Yield in State Tax Checkoffs, James E. Applegate and J. Richard Trout

    The North Carolina Wildlife Endowment Fund: An Investment in the Future, W. Vernon Bevill, Jr.

    Idaho's Modular Nongame Plan, Martel Morache

    Comprehensive Wildlife Management: An Approach for Developing a Nongame Program in Connecticut, Stephen R. Kellert

    Budgeting Wildlife Checkoff Funds: Twenty States' Priorities, Problems and Prospects, Carol J. Boggis and Michael S. Hamilton

    The Status of Urban Wildlife Programs, James R. Lyons and Daniel L. Leedy

    Advances in Wetland Research and Management

    Perspectives on the Delta Waterfowl Research Station-Ducks Unlimited Canada Marsh Ecology Research Program, Henry R. Murkin, Bruce D. J. Batt, Patrick J. Caldwell, Craig B. Davis, John A. Kadlec and Arnold G. van der Valk

    A Conceptual Approach to Relating Habitat Structure and Macroinvertebrate Production in Freshwater Wetlands, Jeffrey W. Nelson and John A. Kadlec

    Vegetation Change and Seed Banks in Marshes: Ecological and Management Implications, Roger L. Pederson and Arnold G. van der Valk

    Systems Evaluation of Okefenokee Swamp, Bernard C. Patten

    Needs for Private Sector Wetland Research: Ducks Unlimited's Perspective, Richard A. Wishart, Jeffrey W. Nelson, and Patrick J. Caldwell

    Research Gaps in Assessing Wetland Functions, Patricia Ruta Stuber and J. Henry Sather

    Values of Fish and Wildlife: Public Trust and Economic

    Opening Remarks, James H. McDivitt

    A Field Guide to Wildlife Economic Analysis, John B. Loomis, George Peterson, and Cindy Sorg

    Agricultural Management Practices and Wildlife-Related Recreation: Pheasant Hunting Recreation in Iowa, John A. Miranowski and Ruth Larson Bender

    Benefits to Deer Hunters from Forest Management Practices Which Provide Deer Habitat, Elizabeth A. Witman

    Estimating Substate Values of Fishing and Hunting, Jon R. Miller and Michael J. Hay

    Analyzing Values of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Kenneth S. Lyon and John E. Keith

    Quasi-Option Values of Natural Resources, Philippe J. Crabbe

    Economics of Endangered Species Management: The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Rebecca P. Judge, Randy Strait, and William F. Hyde

    Concepts of Value, Nonmarket Valuation, and the Case of the Whooping Crane, John R. Stoll and Lee Ann Johnson

    The Importance of Including Costs of Full Mitigation in Benefit-Cost Analysis and Guidance for Planning Actual Mitigation, John B. Loomis

    Innovative Responses to Conservation Challenges

    4-H Fish and Wildlife Programs: New Initiatives on Old Problems, Ronald A. Howard, Jr.

    Attitudes on Wildlife and Knowledge Retained By 4-H Alumni, James L. Byford and Sheila Munsey

    Wildlife Population Viability: A Question of Risk, Hal Salwasser, Stephen E. Mealey, and Kathy Johnson

    Managing Forested Lands for Wildlife in Colorado, John C. Capp, James F. Lipscomb, and Wayne W. Sandfort

    Fee-Hunting on the Public's Lands?-An Appraisal, Jack Ward Thomas

    Balance of Nature: Fiction and Reality, Walter E. Howard

    Meeting Migratory Bird Management Needs By Integrated Disease Control, Milton Friend

    Field Evaluation of Two Models Developed Following the Habitat Evaluation Procedures, Jonathan Bart, Daniel R. Petit, and Greg Linscombe

    Migratory Birds: Status and Needs

    Status and Needs of the Mallard, James C. Bartonek, Robert J. Blohm, R. K. Brace, F. D. Caswell, Kenneth E. Gamble Harvey W. Miller, Richard S. Pospahala, and Morton M. Smith

    Winter Habitat Preference of White-Fronted Geese in Louisiana, John C. Leslie and Robert H. Chabreck

    The Black Duck Population and Its Management, John P. Rogers and James H. Patterson

    Compensatory Mortality in Waterfowl Populations: A Review of the Evidence and Implications for Research and Management, James D. Nichols, Michael J. Conroy, David R. Anderson, and Kenneth P. Burnham

    Geese and Hunters of Alaska's Yukon Delta: Management Problems and Political Dilemmas, Dennis G. Raveling

    Avian Cholera in Nebraska's Rainwater Basin, Ronald M. Windingstad, James J. Hurt, Alan K. Trout, and John Cary

    Examining Economic Efficiency of Management Practices That Enhance Waterfowl Production, John T. Lokemoen

    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.