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Transactions of the 60th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 24 to 29, 1995 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Opening Session. North Star Illuminations

    Opening Statement, Rollin D. Sparrowe
    The Wildlife Funding Initiative, David Waller
    Reinvention at BLM, Mike Dombeck
    Responsibilities of the National Biological Service, H. Ronald Pulliam
    Forest Health: What It Is, What We're Doing About It, Jack Ward Thomas
    1994 National 4-H Wildlife and Fisheries Recognition Awards
    Guy Bradley Award, Whitney Tilt

    Special Session I. Perspectives on the Takings Issue

    Introductory Comments: Perspectives on the Takings Issue, Keith A. Argow
    An Overview of the Takings Issue, Jerry L Anderson
    Taking Advantage: The Response to the Public Use of Private Property for Threatened and Endangered Species and Wildlife, William Perry Pendley
    Species Protection and Fifth Amendment Takings of Private Property, Glenn P. Sugameli
    Regulatory Takings After Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council: To What Extent Do Wildlife Regulators Impact a Property Owner's Reasonable Investment-backed Expectation?, Jerome M. Organ and Sara Parker
    Re-engineering Private Lands Stewardship, Carlton N. Owen
    Implications of the Takings Clause for the Federal Endangered Species Program, Robert Meltz

    Special Session 2. Watershed Management: A Model for the Mississippi River

    The MICRA Plan and Progress Toward Its Implementation, Jerry L. Rasmussen
    Maintaining and Restoring the Ecological Integrity of the Mississippi River: Importance of Floodplains and Floodpulses, Richard E. Sparks
    Protecting Healthy Fish Stocks: A Pacific Northwest Approach, Guido R. Rahr Ill
    Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Program Case Studies: Lake Onalaska Islands and Hydrological Modification of the Finger Lakes, Robert F. Gaugush, David Soballe, Sara Rogers, Jennifer Sauer, John Barko, Bill James, Barry Johnson, Brent Knight and Teresa Naimo

    Special Session 3. Conservation and Ecology of Raptors (Cosponsored and administered by The Wildlife Society)

    Raptor Populations: The Basis for Their Management, William A. Burnham and Tom J. Cade
    Raptors, Technological Tools and Conservation, Mark R. Fuller, William S. Seegar, John M. Marzluff and Brett A. Hoover
    Population Changes in North American Peregrines, James H. Enderson, William Heinrich, Lloyd Kif! and Clayton M. White
    The Effect and Value of Raptor Rehabilitation in North America, Patrick M. Redig and Gary E. Duke
    Conservation of Prairie Raptors, Geoffrey L. Holyroyd
    A Profile of Falconers in the United States: Falconry Practices, Attitudes and Conservation Behaviors, R. Ben Payton, Joseph Vorro, Lisa Grise, Rick Tobin and Roger Eberhardt
    Availability and Suitability of Bald Eagle and Osprey Nesting Habitat in the Northern Prairie Region, Robert E. Usgaard and Kenneth F. Higgins
    The Status of Raptor Conservation and Our Knowledge of the Resident Diurnal Birds of Prey of Mexico, Richard 0. Bierregaard, Jr.

    Special Session 4. Conservation Potpourri

    Opening Remarks, Carrol L. Henderson
    Walking the Line: Science versus Advocacy, James M. Sweeney and Peter W. Stangel
    The Impact of Haying Conservation Reserve Program Lands on Productivity of Ducks Nesting in the Prairie Pothole Region of North and South Dakota, Randy W. Renner, Ronald E. Reynolds and Bruce D. J. Batt
    Minnesota's Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) on Timber Harvesting and Forest Management: Process, Findings, Follow-up and Implications, Alan R. Ek and Ira R. Adelman
    Waterfowl Harvest and Hunter Activity in Mexico, Gary W. Kramer, Eduardo Carrera and Daniel Zavaleta
    Individual-based Models as a Forest Management Tool: The Newfoundland Marten as a Case Study, William A. Adair and John A. Bissonette
    An Evaluation of Trumpeter Swan Management Today and a Vision for the Future, Laurence N. Gillette and Ruth Shea
    Assessing Avian Interactions with Windplant Development and Operation, Harvey K. Nelson and Richard C. Curry

    Special Session 5. Defining Regional Wildlife Habitat Needs for the 1995 Farm Act

    Opening Remarks, Terry Z. Riley
    Midwest Wildlife Needs Assessment for the 1995 Farm Bill-A Need to Focus Efforts, David L. Risley, David P. Scott and Alfred H. Bemer
    Wildlife Habitat Needs Assessment, Southeast Region, Stephen Capel, Breck Carmichael, Mark Gudlin and David Long
    Northeast States Wildlife Needs Assessment for the 1995 Farm Bill, Carl Schwartz, Peter Jaynes and Paul Peditto
    The Northern Great Plains-Wildlife Goals and Objectives for the 1995 Farm Bill, Lloyd A. Jones and Arnold D. Kruse
    Wildlife Needs of the Southern Great Plains for the 1995 Farm Bill Discussions, Charles D. Lee
    Agriculture/Wildlife Relationships in the Western Region, Marc C. Liverman and Tom Hemker
    CRP: Icon of an Age, Steven Peter Riley

    Special Session 6. Conserving Grasslands: North America's Most Endangered Ecosystem

    In Praise of Prairie, Fred B. Samson and Merlin Shoesmith
    Mixed Prairie of the North American Great Plains, Thomas B. Bragg and Allen A. Steuter
    Conservation Planning Within the Great Plains, Stephen J. Chaplin, Wayne R. Ostlie, Rich E. Schneider and John S. Kenney
    Working Partnerships for Conserving the Nation's Prairie Pothole Ecosystem-The U.S. Prairie Pothole Joint Venture, Steven Kresl, James T. Leach, Carol A. Lively and Ronald E. Reynolds
    Improving Ecosystem Management in the Glacial Lake Agassiz Interbeach Area-A Great Plains Partnership Project, Peter Buesseler
    Management Challenges for Canadian Prairie Grasslands in the 21st Century, Richard K. Baydack, James H. Patterson, Clayton Rubec, Allen Tyrchniewicz and Ted W. Weins
    Sandhill Management Plan: A Partnership Initiative, Gene D. Mack
    Northern Grassland Conservation and the Prairie Joint Ventures, Michael G. Anderson, Rod B. Fowler and Jeffrey W. Nelson

    Special Session 7. The Need for Partnerships in Ecosystem Management

    The Need for Partnerships in Ecosystem Management: Opening Remarks, Bill Wall
    Partnerships for Ecosystem Management on Mixed Ownership Landscapes, V. Alaric Sample
    Forest Industry Partnerships for Ecosystem Management, Jonathan B. Haufler
    Accomplishing Partnerships in the Boreal Mixed Wood Forests of Northeastern Alberta, Daryl! M. Hebert, Doug Sklar, Shawn Wasel, Elmer Ghostkeeper and Tom Daniels
    Proactive Endangered Species Management: A Partnership Program, James F. Bullock, Jr. and William A. Wall
    Finding the Common Ground in the Horicon Marsh Ecosystem, Lynn E. Hanson, Richard A. Hunt, David Neuendorf, Patti A. Meyers and Janet Scalpone
    Setting Objectives for Ecosystem Management in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, David Pashley

    Special Session 8. Triage and the Endangered Species Act

    Triage and the Endangered Species Act, Randall Cortez Wilson
    Wildlife Conservation Priorities for Florida: The State's Perspective, Brian A. Millsap
    Funding Endangered Species Recovery Through Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act, Wayne Melquist
    Making the Sales Tax Work in Missouri, James H. Wilson
    Conservation Agreements: An Interim to Listing, Robert L. Parenti
    The Idaho Conservation Program: A Bureau of Land Management/USDA Forest Service Perspective, Lyle Lewis
    Conservation Agreements and Listings Under the Endangered Species Act: A State Perspective, Steven M. Huffaker and Charles E. Harris
    Conservation Agreements: Innovative Solutions or Missed Opportunities-A Corporate Lands Perspective, William A. Wall
    Is Triage Necessary with Ecosystem Management: The Longleaf Pine Example, Dennis L. Krusac
    Contracting for Recovery of Endangered Species, Gregory T. M. Schildwachter
    Moving Endangered Species Management from Conflict to Cooperation, Whitney Tilt

    Special Symposium. Visiting the Past: Wildlife and Environmental History

    Animals and People in North American History, Dan L. Flores and Eric G. Bolen
    Aldo Leopold, Wildlife and the Land Ethic, Thomas R. Dunlap
    Shifting Ground: Indians, Conservationists and Wildlife in Glacier National Park, 1910-1960, Louis S. Warren
    The Buffalo Robe Trade and the Displacement of the Canadian Bison, William A. Dobak
    Speaking of Wolves: A Call to Biophilia, Tommy Youngblood-Petersen
    Conservation and Equality: The Bison as a Natural Resource, Andrew C. Isenberg
    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.