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Transactions of the 62nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 14 to 18, 1997 in Washington, D.C.


    Opening Session. Cooperating to Maintain Our Resource Heritage

    Opening Statement, Rollin D. Sparrowe

    USDA's Land-management Role, USDA Secretary Dan Glickman

    Canadian Perspectives on Wildlife Management-New Directions, Lynda Maltby

    Knowledge and Passion: The Keys to Resource Management, Mark Van Putten

    Surveying the Road Ahead for Extension, Catherine E. Woteki

    Devolution of the Public's Lands: Trading a Birthright for Pottage, Jack Ward Thomas

    1996 National 4-H Wildlife and Fisheries Volunteer Leader Recognition Awards

    Guy Bradley Award, Whitney Tilt

    Special Session 1. Extension Outreach: A Link to Resource Sustainability on Private Lands

    Opening Remarks, Robert L. Ruff

    Extension's Role in Achieving Hunter, Landowner and Wildlife Agency Objectives Through Utah's Big Game Posted Hunting Unit Program, Terry A. Messmer and Charles E. Dixon

    Wildlife in the Classroom: An Overview of Texas 4-H Wildlife School Enrichment Programs, Billy J Higginbotham

    The Impact of Changing Demographics on Wildlife and Fisheries Extension and Outreach, Robert D. Brown

    Reaching Nontraditional Extension Audiences Using Distance Education: Introduction to Wildlife Conservation, A Case Study, Kim K. Ragland-Gray and Tom G. Barnes

    Private Lands Management: Adapting a Premier Woodland Cooperator Program to Restore and Manage Wetlands, Darrel F. Covell, Robert L. Ruff and Scott R. Craven

    Attitudes and Human Dimensions in Forest Ecosystem Management, Deborah T. Yarrow and David C. Guynn, Jr.

    Coastal and Great Lakes Sustainability Partnership Efforts by the National Sea Grant College Program, .Michael S. Spranger, Paul D. Coreil, Shirley J. Fiske, Virginia Lee, Brian K. .Miller and James A-Jurray

    The Fish and Wildlife Service/Extension Connection: A Partnership in Action, Duncan MacDonald

    Closing Remarks: Extension Education at the Crossroads, James E. .Miller

    Special Session 2. Seeking Consensus in Resource Management

    Introductory Remarks: Seeking Consensus on Resource Management, Gail Bingham

    Research as a Route to Consensus? Feral Ungulate Control in Hawaii, Lynn A. Maguire, Peter Jenkins and Graham Nugent

    Miracle in Montana: Managing Conflicts Over Private Lands and Public Wildlife Issues, Dwight E. Guynn

    Finding Consensus Amidst Controversy: Establishing Forest Management Standards, Tammara Van Ryn

    Special Session 3. Connecting Leadership to On-the-Ground Resource Management

    Connecting Leadership to On-the-ground Resource Management, Larry R. Nelson

    Beyond Command and Control, Robert L. Hays

    Connecting Agency Leadership to Natural Resources Management On the Ground: The View from Below, Jeffrey K. A.ii/er, Randy Marki and Dennis Simon

    Good Management and Benign Neglect, Ralph O. Morgenweck

    Bridging the Central/Field Office Gap Under the Ace Basin Project, John E. Frampton

    Partnerships in Practice: The Fine Line Between Success and Failure, Gary L. Sullivan

    Traditional Knowledge-Don't Leave the Future Without It, John C. Capp and Carol Jorgensen

    Beyond Conservation Rhetoric: Bridging the Gap Between Science, Policy, Planning and Getting the Job Done On the Ground, Kent A. Smith and Sara Vickerman

    Special Session 4. The Changing Face of Eastern Forests

    Opening Statement, James R. Woehr

    Today's Eastern Forests: What Have 350 Years of European Settlement Wrought?, William H Mc Williams, Gordon C. Reese, Roger C. Conner, Victor A. Rudis and Thomas L. Schmidt

    Wildlife, Values and the Eastern Forest, Thomas A. More, J. Morgan Grove and Mark J. Twery

    Changes in Eastern Forests: Chesnut is Gone, Are the Oaks Far Behind?, William M Healy, Kurt W. Gottschalk, Robert P. Long and Philip M Wargo

    Are Forest Songbirds Declining? Status Assessment from the Southern Appalachians and Northeastern Forests, Kathleen E. Franzreb and Kenneth V Rosenberg

    Why States Need to Practice Ecosystem Approaches to Management, Todd K Fuller and John F. Organ

    Eastern Forestland Owners: Who's Buying What and Why?, Thomas W. Birch

    Wildlife Habitat in a Computer: Integrating Wildlife with Other Resource Analyses, Mark J. Twery, Linda E. Thomasma and Scott A. Thomasma

    ACT 250-Vermont's Land-use Development and Control Statute: A Tool for the Effective Management of an Eastern Forest, Joe Mnadeo

    Special Session 5. Natural Resource Gleanings and Leanings

    The Cultural Audit Process: A Compelling New Tool for Fish and Wildlife Agencies in the Nick of Time, Sally F. Angus

    Hunting 1996, A Year to Remember, Grant Baker

    The Opposition to Hunting: A Typology of Beliefs, Donna L. Mnnis

    Effects of Regulations and Duck Abundance on Duck Hunter Participation and Satisfaction, James K Ringelman

    Enhancing Biological Performance of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, Fred A. Johnson, Mark D. Koneff, Mchael G. Anderson, Robert 0. Bailey, Richard K Baydack, Thomas E. Martin, Jeffrey W. Nelson, James K Ringelman and Clayton W. Rubec

    Challenges in Waterfowl Habitat Restoration on the Mono Lake Basin, Frederic A. Reid, Roderick C. Drewien, Thomas D. Ratcliff

    Perceptions of Releases of Captive-reared Mallards, with Emphasis on an Intensive Program in Maryland, David B. Smith and Frank C. Rohwer

    Urban Canada Goose Management: Policies and Procedures, James A. Cooper and Tom Keefe

    An Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Problem: Ecological and Sociological Factors Influencing White-tailed Deer Damage to Agricultural Crops in Michigan, Henry Campa Ill, Scott R. Winterstein, R. Ben Peyton, Larry A. Leefers and Glenn R. Dudderar

    Special Session 6. Ecosystem Health in Contemporary Landscapes

    Opening Remarks, Christine A. Jauhola

    Defining Ecosystem Health in National Parks, Dan E. Huff

    Historical Changes in Western Riparian Ecosystems, Marci Todd and Wayne Elmore

    Back to the Future-ls the Past a Guide to a "Healthy" Forest Landscape in the Northern Great Lakes Region?, Daniel R. Dessecker

    Wildlife Conservation and Ecosystem Health in the Interior Columbia River Basin, Fred B. Samson, A.ichelle A. Eames, Richard S. Holthausen, Danny C. Lee, Wally Afurphy, David A. Newhouse, Terrel D. Rich, Allan R. Sands, Barbara Wales and A.ichael J Wisdom

    Wild Rice to Rip-rap: 120 Years of Habitat Changes and Management of a Lake Erie Coastal Marsh, Roy W. Kroll, Johan F. Gottgens and Brian P. Swartz

    Using Hierarchical Models to Index the Ecological Health of the Nation, Raymond J O'Connor and Malcolm T. Jones

    Shortleaf Pine/Bluestem Grass Ecosystem Renewal in the Ouachita Moootains, George A. Bukenhofer and L. D. Hedrick

    Closing Remarks, James D. Fenwood

    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.