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Transactions of the 75th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 22 to 27, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Opening Session. Refining the Relevance of Resource Management

    Welcome and Opening Remarks, Steven A. Williams
    Keynote Remarks, Dan Ashe
    Conservation and Continuity: The North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference at Seventy-five (and Counting), Curt Meine

    Session One. Ecosystem Service Markets: Funding Tools for Conservation

    Ecosystem Services and North American Conservation: Setting the Context, Joshua Goldstein and Matthew Dunfee
    Ecosystem Service Markets: Private Sector Views About Opportunities for Private/Public Partnerships, Stephanie Gripne
    Forest Eco-services: Creating Solutions to Conservation and Climate Through Sustainable Stewardship, Laurie Wayburn and Anton Chiono

    Session Two. Active or Passive Management of Public Lands: Implications to Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Recreation

    Wilderness in the 21st Century: Problem or Opportunity, John Organ and Jan Dizard
    Managing Fish, Wildlife and Recreation on Roadless Areas, Thomas Franklin
    Constant Change: Bird Conservation on Grassland and Early Successional Forest Landscapes, Daniel Dessecker
    Special Land Designations and Implications for State Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Steve Ferrell
    A Comparative Ecological Risk Assessment on Northern Spotted Owls and Fire, Stephen Mealey and Gary Roloff

    Session Three. The Power of Partnerships in Bird Conservation: North America and Beyond

    The Power of Partnerships in Bird Conservation: The Creation and Evolution of Partners in Flight, Terrell Rich and John Hoskins
    Hawaiian Birds: Out of Sight?, Paul Conry, George Wallace, David Leonard and J. Scott Fretz
    Beyond Our Borders: Protecting Tropical Forests for Wisconsin's Neotropical Migratory Birds, Craig Thompson
    Generation Next and Bird Conservation: "Always Connected" Continents, Disciplines and Communities, Ashley Dayer and Mariamar Gutierrez Ramirez

    Session Four. What Does Green Really Mean? Renewable Energy Implications for Wildlife

    Introductory Remarks, Rob Manes and John Emmerich
    The Natural Resource Planner - A Tool to Help Site Development Projects Minimize Their Impact on Wildlife and Sensitive Habitats, Michael Houts and Eric Johnson
    Impacts of Energy Development on Prairie Grouse Ecology: A Research Synthesis, Christian Hagen
    Federal Wind Energy Development Guidelines: Background and Implications for Private and Public Lands, Dave Stout

    Workshop: Transformation of State and Provincial Fish and Wildlife Agencies: Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders

    Opening Remarks, Cynthia Jacobson and Daniel Decker
    Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Management in the 21st Century: Understanding Challenges for Institutional Transformation, Cynthia Jacobson, Daniel Decker and John Organ
    Understanding Organizational Transformation: Leading Versus Managing, Thinking Versus Doing, Daniel Decker, Cynthia Jacobson and Ann Forstchen
    Transformation of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies: Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders, Rebecca Humphries
    Expanding Scope and Depth of Influence: Broadening the Beneficiaries of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies' Conservation Activities, David Goad
    The Importance of Partnerships in a Time of Transformation: Perspectives from Nongovernment Organizations, Keith Aune, Tom Toman, William Geer and William Moritz
    Toward the State Fish and Wildlife Management Institution of the Future: Key Elements, John Organ and Gordon Batcheller

    Town Hall Meeting: The Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on Natural Resources Conservation

    Workshop: Decision Making in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty: Adaptive Management for Climate Change

    Wise Decision Making for Climate Change Adaptation, James Nichols and Mark Koneff
    Changing Climates and the Incorporation of Adaptive Management Into State Wildlife Action Plans, Joseph Fontaine
    Adapting Adaptive Harvest Management for Climate Change, Mark Koneff, G. Scott Boomer, James Lyons and James Nichols
    Using a Decision Analysis Framework to Create an Integrated Model Of the Impacts of Climate Change in the Yakima River Basin, Alec Maule, Lynne Koontz and Karen Jenni
    Preparing for Climate Change Today in Light of the Uncertainties of Tomorrow, J. Rolf Olsen and Janet Cushing
    Workshop Summary: Decision Making in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty: Adaptive Management for Climate Change, Jay Hestbeck and Arpita Choudhury
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    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.