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Transactions of the 79th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 10 to 14, 2014 in Denver, Colorado

    Plenary Session. 79th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Welcome and Opening Remarks, Steve Williams
    Engaging the Hispanic Audience: Inviting Diversity, Ed Cantu
    Conserving the Future, Wildlife and the Next Generation, Jim Kurth

    Special Session One. Human Dimensions and the North American Waterfowl Management Plan

    Opening Remarks, Michael G. Anderson
    The North American Waterfowl Management Plan: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future, Gregory E. Siekaniec
    Explicit Assumptions for Changing Wildlife Management Outcomes, Andrew H. Raedeke
    Public Values and Wildlife Management: Exploring the Social Context of the North American
    Waterfowl Management Plan, Tara L. Teel and Michael J. Manfredo
    Achieving Behavior Change to Promote Protection of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region, Lori Brown Large
    Final Thoughts for The Session: New Directions for Examining the Human Dimensions of Waterfowl Management, Michael J. Manfredo

    Special Session Two. Managing and Protecting North America's Ungulate Migratory Pathways

    Opening Remarks, William J. Rudd
    Migration Patterns of Adult Female Mule Deer in Response to Energy Development, Charles R. Anderson, Jr. and Chad J. Bishop
    Path of the Pronghorn: Lessons Learned and Future Directions, Rollin D. Sparrowe
    Coordinating Across Boundaries: Challenges to Landscape Scale Conservation, Stephen C. Torbit and Greg Watson

    Special Session Three. Making Conservation Relevant to Society in the 21st Century

    Conservation Relevance: Aligning Funding and the Public Trust Doctrine, Robert H. Holsman and Matthew C. Dunfee
    On the Front Lines of Making Conservation Relevant and Valued: A Florida Case Study, Ann B. Forstchen and Daniel J. Decker
    Outdoor Recreation in Shifting Societal and Natural Landscapes, Miranda H. Mockrin, J. M. Bowker, Katherine Smith, and Cindi West
    Being Relevant: Necessary But Not Sufficient, David J. Case and Edgar A. Rudberg
    An Admirable Identity: Helping the Hunter Legacy Resonate in an Era of Unprecedented Change, Karl D. Malcolm

    Special Session Four. Beyond the Land and Water Conservation Fund: New Ideas for Future Challenges

    Welcome & Introduction, Jodi Stemler
    The Critical Link Between LWCF and America's Recreational and Natural Resource Heritage, John Land Le Coq
    Political Myths, Practical Realities: LWCF in a Time of Change, Alan Front
    The Next Generation of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, Christy Plumer
    Meeting the Needs of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies Through the LWCF: A Minnesota Perspective, Edward K. Boggess
    Confusion and Understanding: Building the Next Generation for Conservation, Connie Parker

    Workshop. Food for Thought: Increasing Return on Investment by Recruiting New Adult Hunters

    Keith Warnke, Tasha Sorensen, Amanda Wuestefeld, Jordan Burroughs, Jay Johnson, Karl Malcolm, Tovar Cerulli, and Michael Watt
    Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.