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Transactions of the 83rd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

    Held March 26 to 30, 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia


    Plenary Session. Wildlife Management Institute's Plenary Session: Lessons in Applied Relevancy

    Welcome and Opening Remarks, Steve Williams

    The Path to Relevance: Michigan's Story, Keith Creagh

    Fishing for Relevance: A Case Study for Industry & Agencies, Steve Smits

    Special Session One. Conservation Built to Last: Advancing Engagement, Inclusion, and Shared Purpose to Address the Challenges of the Future

    Opening Remarks & Purpose of the Session, Ali Duvall

    Collaborative Conservation in Practice: Bistate Greater Sage-Grouse, Tony Wasley, Sherri Lisius, Shawn Espinosa, and Susanna Danner

    Breaking Down Barriers to Collaborative Conservation and Meeting People Where They Are, Ali Duvall and Noreen Walsh

    Closing Session: Where Can We Go Together From Here?, Noreen Walsh

    Special Session Two. The Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy: A Model for Collaborative Conservation

    Introduction of SECAS and SENRLG, Susan Gibson

    Developing and Implementing the SECAS Blueprint, Mallory G. Martin

    SECAS Case Studies, Chris Goudreau

    But What About the People? The Role of Green Infrastructure, David Rouse

    Scaling SECAS: Engagement is Key, David Whitehurst and Jean Brennan

    Special Session Three. The Chicken or the Egg: Broader Support or Broader Significance

    Session Introduction, Karl Malcolm and Tovar Cerulli

    The Changing Face of Conservation: A Closer Look at Funding & Relevancy for the Future, Sara Parker Pauley

    “We’d Rather Have Them Pick Up a Rod and a Reel Than a Gun and a Clip”: The Fishermen of the Harlem Meer, Taimur Ahmad

    Building Community-Focused Relationships as the Foundation for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Outdoors, Leandra Taylor

    Adapting Conservation: Speaking to Human Potential, Juan Lazo Bautista

    New Voices for Shared Values: Elevating Our Impact and Relevance Through Bridge Building, Land Tawney

    Advancing Conservation and Outdoor Recreation in Colorado, Bob Broscheid, Lauren Truitt, and Anthony L. Gurzick

    The Call to Clarify Identity: How State Wildlife Agencies Can Win Hearts and Minds Across America, Ezra Milchman

    Special Session Four. Fish and Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century: How Poaching, Trafficking, and Illegal Trade are Endangering the North American Model for Wildlife Management

    Perception vs. Reality: Economic Considerations Surrounding the Illegal Take of Wildlife, Rob Southwick

    The Impacts of Intentional and Unintentional Release of Injurious Wildlife—A Florida Case Study, Thomas H. Eason, Kristen Penney Sommers, Andrea Wylie, and Sarah Funck

    Private Ownership of Wildlife—Game Farms to Flea Markets, Louis Cornicelli and Krista Larson

    The Tragedy of the Commons: Exploring the True Cost of Fish and Wildlife Crimes, Kristie R. Blevins and Jonathan Gassett

    Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? Sentencing, Penalties, and the Wildlife Violator’s Compact, Scott Talbott

    International Wildlife Trafficking and the Role of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement, Bryan Landry

    Poaching, Wildlife Trafficking, and North American Wildlife Conservation: Default on the Public Trust, John F. Organ