86th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

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Online registration for the 2021 virtual conference is now available!

We are in the process of developing a schedule for the virtual conference. If you are interested in holding a related meeting at the conference, you can find more details and submit a request now.

The Virtual Conference Experience

WMI has selected Pathable as the platform for their virtual event. Pathable has many great features:

  • On demand and live content
  • Ability to attend more sessions than in the past because the majority will be recorded for viewing later
  • Ability to connect with other attendees, speakers, partners via chat or your own private video room
  • Partner engagement hub- check out the partners who are supporting the conference- view their latest video, download their materials, or set up a time to meet with them during or after the conference
  • Build your own schedule
  • Add comments to the discussion boards

The best way to experience Pathable is to:

  • Use Google Chrome (ideal) or Microsoft Edge as your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox will not work)
  • Download free version of Zoom for Client. Pathable will work without Zoom, but you’ll have more features if you have it downloaded.
  • Minimize other internet users in your workspace and close other applications that might slow down your speed, etc.

A few dates to consider

February 10: Any presenters pre-recording their presentation will need to upload their talk to the Google form provided by your session coordinator. If you have questions about pre-recording, email Cindy Delaney.

February 22: Anyone identified as a presenter, committee chair, session host or Zoom buddy will have access to the site to add agendas and meeting materials.

February 26: Site will open for all general attendees to log in, build their personal schedule and get familiar with the site. We strongly recommend you bookmark the site once you have logged in.

February 22-March 5: Trainings will be set up for attendees, presenters, moderators and Zoom buddies. Stay tuned for the schedule.

Check back here as we will be posting toolkits and videos for your review prior to the event.

About the Conference

For more than 80 years, WMI has administered the North American Wildlife and Natural Resource Conference. The North American Conference sessions, workshops and more than 150 separate meetings and functions, serve as the annual forum to set conservation policy in North America.

Conference attendees include the administrators of federal, state and provincial wildlife and other natural resource agencies, college and university program leaders, heads of leading private conservation organizations, and other managers, scientists, researchers, officials and students of natural resources. The conference is a regular gathering of professionals to learn and exchange ideas, through a formal program, related meetings and other scheduled business, social and educational events.

The conference format is designed so that attendees leave with

  • A better understanding of the origins, complexities and likely solutions to current conservation issues, and
  • A better sense of the need for and the methods to achieve coordinated, cooperative management of the continent's wildlife.

The "North American" is outlined annually by a Conference Program Committee, chaired by WMI. As many as 20 different agencies and private organizations have participated in helping set the agenda of the North American. In addition, agencies and organizations schedule more than 150 meetings and functions to overlap and occur in conjunction with each conference.