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Request for Proposals - Developing "Tasty Style" Recipe Videos

Deadline: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 - 5:00 pm

The Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (NEAFWA) in partnership with the Southeast, and Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA and MAFWA) requests proposals for the development and production of a minimum of 15 “tasty” style cooking videos to be completed by January 2023 with final, edited versions complete by February 17, 2023. These videos must highlight ethnically and culturally diverse fish and game recipes so viewers can see their traditional food reflected in game cooking. Ten of the videos would use common game species and 5 would use common fish species. In addition to the videos, correlating printable recipe cards will also be created. You may submit a proposal for this project as described in the scope of work. The Wildlife Management Institute will coordinate this RFP and administer contractual and financial agreements for the selected proposal.

Proposal Guidelines

Provide a description of your approach, timeline, examples of previous recipe videos you have developed, what is in included in the cost (such as script writing, storyboarding, and number of allotted edits) and budget to achieve the components listed in the Scope of Work section that follows.


The total cost for all work to complete the 15 videos and recipe cards shall not exceed $50,000

Timeline for Review and Decision

Submit proposals to Scot Williamson, WMI by 5:00 PM EDST on August 23, 2022. NEAFWA anticipates decision making on proposals within 10 days.

How Award Decisions Will Be Made

A sub-committee of NEAFWA, SEAFWA and MAFWA will evaluate the proposals, including timeline, budget, and previous work experience. Bid presentation and references may be requested if deemed necessary by the sub-committee.

For More Information

Scot Williamson
Wildlife Management Institute
Office: 802/563-2087
Cell: 603/770-4494

Scope of Work

This project will develop a minimum of 15 tasty style cooking videos that must be completed by January 2023. These videos should be short (1-3 minutes), fun, and reflective of different ethnic recipes. Ten of the videos would use common game species and 5 would use common fish species. In addition to the videos, correlating printable recipe cards will also be created. Example included

All jobs will be implemented with oversight from the recipe working group comprised of NEAFWA, SEAFWA and MAFWA representatives. The committee will identify potential recipes to be produced into cooking videos and recipe cards. The job approach is detailed below.

Part 1 - Video Creation

This includes the creation of at least 15 cooking videos that are filmed overhead, only showing the chef’s hands during the video.

By January 2023 the contractor will:

  • Work with the recipe working group to identify the best recipes for video creation.
  • Provide the materials for the videos. Example of some of the materials needed include: food, ingredients, measuring cups, cooking utensils, hot plate, plates, etc. The NEAFWA recipe working group plans to work with the vendor and Fish and Wildlife agencies to provide game meat and fish.
  • Coordinate with the working group to obtain the game meat and fish for the recipes.
  • Create 15 cooking videos, 1-3 minutes in length, that are “tasty style” with the video being filmed overhead with only the chef’s hands showing.
  • Ensure the hands that are shown preparing the food in each video are diverse and reflective of the culture the food being prepared.
  • All 15 videos have a consistent background and materials (such as plates, bowls, table setting, etc.) that has a natural look and has been agreed upon with the recipe working group.
  • All videos will have music and text listing the ingredients and instructions. There will be no verbal explanation of cooking in these videos.
  • Ensure closed captioning is available on all videos

Part 2 - Recipe Card Creation

Each cooking video will have an associated recipe card. By January 2023 the contractor will:

  • Develop electronic recipe cards in similar branding for all cooking videos
  • Each recipe is in both a printable PDF format as well as editable design file.
  • Static photos for each recipe card
  • Credit the source of the recipe
  • When available have a chef bio (example: importance of the recipe/how they got into hunting/fishing, etc.)

Part 3 - Deliverables

The Subcontractor will provide the following deliverables by February 17th, 2023, to complete this job:

  • Finalized videos and recipe cards provided to the working group
  • Each product (both videos and recipe cards) is provided in two versions:
    • Version 1: Finalized version with generic ending
    • Version 2: Video file with blank ending so states can add their own branding and call to action at the end.
  • Videos edited to different lengths based on platform (30 seconds for social and 1-3 minutes for website) per recipe.
  • Ensure videos can be edited for closed captioning in addition to tag lines and branding.


The company location can be anywhere in the continental United States.


The contract will be administered through the Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies contract agreement with Wildlife Management Institute.

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