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Enhancing Functionality and Accessibility of the Northeast Wildlife Action Plan Database

Deadline: Friday, January 28, 2022 - 5:00 pm

The Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (NEAFW A) Fish and Wildlife Diversity Technical Committee (NEFWDTC) requests proposals for a plan of work to improve and revise the data structure and management of the State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) database. The goal of the project is to improve accessibility and uti1ity for all users. The Wildlife Management Institute provides administrative support to the NEAFWA and wil1 coordinate and administer this RFP and subsequent review and selection.

Proposal Guidelines

Provide a description of your approach. timeline and budget to achieve the components listed in the Scope of Work included in this RFP. Your scope of work, or a modification thereof, will be included in the formal application made by NEAFWA to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for Competitive State Wildlife Grant (C-SWG) funds.


The total budget may not exceed $400,000 of which $300,000 is available in federa] C­ SWG funding.

Matching Funds

Non-federal match at a level equal to 25% of the total cost is required. You may secure commitmerits of non-federal match from NEAFWA states.

Timeline for Review and Decision

Submit proposals to Scot Williamson, WMI by 5:00 PM EDST on January 28, 2022. NEAFWA anticipates including the selected proposa] in the C-SWG application due February 23, 2022.

How Award Decisions will be Made

This RFP is seeking proposals to be included within NEAFWA's application for C-SWG funds. A sub-committee of NEAFWA will evaluate the approach contained in each proposal, including timeline budget and any commitment of non-federal match, and will make the detennination on which proposal to include in the C-SWG national competition. If the NEAFWA is granted funding, the proposal will executed in a sub­ agreement between NEAFWA (WMI) and the recipient.

For More Information

Scot Williamson, WMI
Office: 802/563-2087. Cell: 603/770-4494