Northeast Regional Conservation Needs Grant Program

State fish and wildlife agencies have developed State Wildlife Action Plans that assess the condition of each state's wildlife and habitats, identify the problems they face, and outline the actions that are needed to conserve them over the long term.

The wildlife action plans identify a variety of actions aimed at preventing wildlife from declining to the point of becoming endangered. By focusing on conserving the natural lands and clean waters that provide habitat for wildlife, the plans have important benefits for wildlife and people. Many of the conservation needs identified in the state wildlife action plans are best addressed at a landscape-scale - a scale that does not conform to state boundaries. In addition, many conservation actions can be developed or implemented in one area of the Northeast with the results applicable and of benefit to the entire region. By combining financial resources, the Northeast states have created an efficient and effective mechanism to address landscape scale or regionally applicable issues.

The objectives of the Northeast RCN Grant Program is to address landscape-scale, regional wildlife conservation issues by combining resources, leveraging funds, and prioritizing conservation actions identified in State Wildlife Action Plans.

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