Conference Schedule

All times listed are Central Standard Time.

= Invitation Only
Schedule last updated 3/1/2021 - subject to change
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Friday, March 5
Time Group Icon Title Sponsor Room
- National Flyway Council
Tuesday, March 9
Time Group Icon Title Sponsor Room
- WMI Special Sessions: Fish and Wildlife Conservation on Tribal Lands and Waters: Needs and Opportunities
- AFWA International Relations Committee Meeting
- AFWA Legislative Federal Budget Committee Meeting
- AFWA National Grants Committee Meeting
- AFWA Project WILD Subcommittee Meeting
- AFWA Bird Conservation Committee Part 1
- AFWA CRP Working Group
- AFWA Invasive Species Committee Meeting
- AFWA Annual Meeting/Awards Committee
- WAFWA Executive Committe (invitation only)
- AFWA Climate Adaptation Committee
- NMFWA BASH Working Group
- AFWA Regional Coordinators Meeting
- AFWA Subcommittee on Water
- American Wildlife Conservation Partners
- AFWA Feral Swine Working Group
- AFWA Wildlife Viewing & Nature Tourism Working Group
- NMFWA BASH Technical Session
- NMFWA Climate Change Working Group
- AFWA NCLI Alumni Meeting
- NMFWA Climate Change Technical Session
- AFWA Harvest Information Program Working Group
- AFWA Finance Committee (invite only)
- NMFWA Invasive Species Working Group
- NMFWA Invasive Species Technical Session
- Pollinator and Monarch Conservation Update Meeting
- AFWA Feral and Free-Ranging Cat Working Group
- AFWA Ocean Resources Policy Committee Meeting
- AFWA Outreach Working Group
- AFWA Science and Research Committee Meeting
- AFWA Technology and Data Committee Meeting
- AFWA Energy & Wildlife Policy Committee Meeting
- AFWA EQIP/CSP Joint Working Group
- AFWA Fish & Wildlife Trust Funds Committee
- AFWA Legal Committee Business Meeting
- AFWA Sustainable Wildlife Use
- AFWA Waterfowl Working Group
- AFWA Wildlife Diversity Conservation and Funding Committee Meeting
- NMFWA NMFWA Welcome & DoD Policy Updates
- Women in Wildlife Conservation Network Workshop
- AFWA Bird Fish Conflict Working Group
- US Forest Service Partners Meeting
- NMFWA NMFWA Members Meeting & Awards Announcements
- Women In Wildlife Conservation Network Social
- NMFWA GIS Technical Session
- National Flyway Council
- NMFWA Members Social (Trivia Event)
Wednesday, March 10
Time Group Icon Title Sponsor Room
- WMI Special Sessions: Current Approaches to SARS-CoV-2 , COVID-19, and Wildlife Health
- NMFWA Bird Conservation Working Group
- Rethinking the North American Model of WIldlife Conservation
- AFWA Migratory Shore & Upload Game Bird Working Group
- AFWA Farm Bill Easements Working Group
- AFWA Human Dimensions and Social Science Working Group
- AFWA Human Wildlife Conflict Working Group
- AFWA Joint Education, Outreach & Diversity Committee and Wildlife Diversity Conservation Funding
- Sagebrush Executive Oversight Committee
- AFWA Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Committee Meeting
- AFWA Federal and Tribal Relations Committee Meeting
- AFWA Fisheries & Water Resources Policy
- AFWA Hunting & Shooting Sports Participation Committee
- Prairie Grouse Partnership (invite only)
- NMFWA Bird Conservation Technical Session (live panel discussions or presenter office hours)
- NMFWA DoD Service Breakout Sessions- Air Force
- NMFWA DoD Service Breakout Sessions- Army and National Guard
- NMFWA DoD Service Breakout Sessions- Marines
- NMFWA DoD Service Breakout Sessions- Navy
- Conservation Without Conflict: Stories from the Coalition of Conserving At-Risk and Listed Species While Keeping Working Landscapes Working
- BLM Partners Meeting
- AFWA Adaptive Leadership Working Group
- AFWA Education Working Group
- AFWA PIF/Shorebird/Waterbird Working Group
- AFWA RCPP Working Group
- Prairie Pothole Joint Venture Management Board
- AFWA AFWA Executive Committee
- CWD Alliance
- AFWA Bird Conservation Committee Grassland Working Group
- AFWA Public Access Working Group
- Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife Reception
Thursday, March 11
Time Group Icon Title Sponsor Room
- WMI Special Sessions: Climate Adaptation Action and Dynamic Learning
- NMFWA Research & Monitoring Technical Session
- AFWA Resident Game Bird Working Group
- AFWA Leadership and Professional Development Committee Meeting
- AFWA Private Lands Working Group
- AFWA Wildlife Resource Policy Committee Meeting
- AFWA Diversity & Inclusion Working Group
- Boone & Crockett Club Spring Meeting
- AFWA Fish & Wildlife Health Committee Meeting
- AFWA Threatened & Endangered Species Policy Committee Meeting
- NMFWA Pollinators Working Group
- NMFWA Innovative Field Technologies for Natural Resources Management on DoD Lands Technical Session
- AFWA Education, Outreach & Diversity Committee Meeting
- NMFWA Wildland Fire Technical Session
- NMFWA Wildland Fire Working Group
- Turtle Trafficking and the New Amphibian Chytrid Fungus (Bsal): A Workshop to Protect Biodiversity
- AFWA Bird Conservation Committee Meeting Part 2
- AFWA Agricultural Conservation Committee Meeting (Part 1 & 2)
- AFWA Angler & Boater R3 Committee
- AFWA Legal Committee Meeting
- NMFWA Natural and Cultural Resource Management Partnerships Technical Session
- AFWA AFWA Executive Committee
- NMFWA Poster Session- Office Hours
- NMFWA The Wildlife Society Military Lands Working Group
- NMFWA 2021-2022 NMFWA Board of Directors Meeting (All Members Welcome)
- US FWS Science Awards and Partners in Flight Awards