Harvest Information Program Marketing Toolkit

This marketing toolkit is designed to help agencies and organizations involved in waterfowl conservation improve the data collected by the Harvest Information Program (HIP). It was funded by Multistate Conservation Grant F23AP00493 from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is managed by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program.

The toolkit was developed based on the results of social science research conducted with actual target audiences (migratory bird hunters and non-migratory bird hunters) from the four flyways, as well as on input from the four flyway councils.

The objectives of this marketing toolkit are to:

  1. Increase understanding of the HIP registration process among migratory bird hunters
  2. Increase the percentage of migratory bird hunters who complete the HIP registration process
  3. Decrease the percentage of hunters who do not intend to hunt migratory birds who complete the HIP registration process
  4. Increase the completeness of data that migratory bird hunters provide during HIP registration

HIP registration is a complex issue that affects states differently. To address this, the toolkit contains several different creative approaches and flexible layouts that can be customized and used to meet specific needs. Messages are available in several formats and are fully editable with Adobe InDesign.

The materials in this toolkit are free, and are encouraged for use by all state agencies and their partners.


Watch the Toolkit Webinar Presentation

Download the Marketing Toolkit Guide (PDF)

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