WMI Continues to Implement the Relevancy Roadmap with New Training Opportunity

WMI Continues to Implement the Relevancy Roadmap with New Training Opportunity

The Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) is soliciting applications for a training course that will improve knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to understand and develop trusting relationships with the full diversity of conservation constituents, including those who have been historically marginalized. After working with over 15 state agencies on projects to implement the Fish and Wildlife Relevancy Roadmap (Relevancy Roadmap) and engaging broader constituencies to enhance conservation outcomes, WMI uncovered a common barrier – building relationships with constituencies that have not previously engaged with the agency. Strengthening staff KSAs will also improve existing relationships with hunters, anglers, and those that already engage with the agency by improving understanding of the breadth of values and wildlife-related perspectives, needs, and interests of the public they serve.

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The successful 75 applicants will have access to 8-10 on-demand learning modules (~ 1 hour each) that provide the foundations of how to improve engagement with and service to current and broader constituencies. They will have regular access to resource materials and experts in this field as they build their KSAs through the program. The training will culminate with a 2½ day in-person session with experts to practice new behaviors and build a network of like-minded conservation professionals to act as an incubator to experiment with novel approaches and share lessons learned. WMI will provide funding to support travel to the in-person workshop in Estes Park, CO, in fall 2023. Prospective attendees will be required to complete a short half-page application. The target audience for this training is AFWA member organization staff that are on the front line of engaging the public such as communications, education, and outreach staff; R3 Coordinators; conservation social scientists; and regional or program leads. Support for this coalition will continue after this project is completed via the existing network of the Relevancy Portal and WMI staff.

Submit questions or applications to Ann Forstchen

Deadline for application is: May 31, 2023

April 14, 2023