Conservation Relevancy Community Website Launched

Conservation Relevancy Community Website Launched

As part of a 2020 Association of Fish and Wildlife (AFWA) Multi-State Conservation Grant, the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) and its partners recently launched an online Conservation Relevancy Community to promote collaboration among agencies and organizations working to engage and serve broader constituencies. The site is intended to advance implementation of the Fish and Wildlife Relevancy Roadmap, endorsed by AFWA in September 2019.

WMI Director of Special Programs, Matt Dunfee, said the site was developed in response to requests from state fish and wildlife agencies for an online community of learning and collaboration. “Agencies all over the country have recognized the need to engage and serve more of their public in outdoor spaces,” noted Dunfee. “To do that, natural resource professionals asked for a virtual place to learn and share their ideas, successes, and lessons learned.”

The site includes information about organizations’ efforts to reach new constituents as well as resources for training, events, and other tools useful to enhancing relevancy. As an interactive social network, the platform also gives states a place to share their experiences as they implement the Relevancy Roadmap and other work designed to include and promote the outdoor values of more diverse Americans.

Community administrator, Lindsay Martinez, reported that there are already over 150 members of the community representing more than 30 state agencies as well as federal agencies, nongovernment organizations, and universities.

Dunfee said, “The conservation community has been looking for ways to accelerate efforts to increase relevancy. This new website is an important tool in that box. Especially now, when our ability to network through in-person meetings is greatly restricted, it’s up to all of us to connect in other ways.”

Dunfee encourages anyone working to engage and serve broader constituencies to join the community and take advantage of what it has to offer.

December 15, 2020