Calling All Poachers!

Calling All Poachers!

Have you ever been involved in a poaching incident? We need your help!

The Boone and Crockett Club and Wildlife Management Institute are conducting a nationwide study on the illegal take of big game wildlife species (deer, black bear, brown bear, elk, turkey, moose, pronghorn, caribou, mountain goat, wild sheep, cougar, or other big game species) to determine the motivations and frequency of the illegal take of wildlife in the U.S.

This research is important because in order to manage most big game populations for both quality and quantity, managers need accurate estimates of the total numbers of animals harvested each year – including those that are taken outside of current laws.

For the final phase of this research, we need to conduct brief phone interviews with people who have intentionally or unintentionally taken big game contrary to the law. We are seeking interview candidates that have been caught taking wildlife illegally as well as those who have done it but not been caught; we want to hear your story!

Please note: The phone interviews are being conducted by a university researcher, and all responses to this survey will be held in strict confidence by the university researcher and any records will be destroyed upon completion of the project. Finally, we have no affiliation, directly or indirectly, with any law enforcement agency and no records of the interviews will be released, disclosed, or provided to any law enforcement agency.

We recognize that everyone makes mistakes. Likewise, we also know that information about poaching is valuable for managers to continue to produce high-quality wildlife in huntable numbers across our country. So, if you find yourself in this category, and are willing to talk with our researcher for a brief 15-minute confidential phone interview, you will be helping wildlife managers do their jobs better.

If you agree to participate and are chosen to complete a phone interview, you will receive a $75 Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shop's Gift Card in exchange for talking with us.

Please send an email to if you would like to participate, and we will put you in touch with our researcher to schedule a phone interview time.

June 14, 2024