Conservation without Conflict Releases its 2024 Summit Report

Conservation without Conflict Releases its 2024 Summit Report

Conservation without Conflict has released its 2024 Summit Report. This summit brought together representatives from different private and public organizations, all working toward the same goal: to improve teamwork in conservation and build long-lasting trust and partnership across the nation. The success of the Coalition's summit can be measured by the direct feedback it received from attendees and the establishment of future priorities.

Person holding copies of the new Conservation without Conflict Summit Report

The Conservation without Conflict Coalition is a group made up of various private and public organizations that are committed to promoting collaborative conservation efforts. Their main aim is to work together to protect and preserve natural resources while fostering trust and partnership among different stakeholders. This coalition brings together representatives from different sectors, such as private businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions, to address conservation challenges in a voluntary and proactive manner. They focus on finding solutions that benefit both the environment and the communities involved, aiming to minimize conflicts and maximize cooperation in conservation initiatives and keeping working lands working.

The summit was held in Arlington, Virginia where 43 conservation leaders from private landowners, industry, non-governmental organizations, academia, state, and federal governments gathered to discuss the future of collaborative conservation in America. Each session focused on different topics like planning for the future, real-life examples of collaborative conservation, using private lands effectively, new ideas, and ways to keep progressing.

Important strategies came out of these discussions, like building trust, being open to change, using ways to make money while also helping nature, and using different solutions depending on the local area. The panelists and participants stressed the importance of everyone working together and talking to each other to protect nature without fighting.

A big idea that everyone agreed on is that by trusting each other, working together, and being creative, they can solve the problems facing nature. They believe that by doing this, they can keep farms and other working lands healthy and make sure animals and plants are doing well.

Now, they're going to start doing the things they talked about. They have plans for what they can do right away, what they can do in a few years, and what they want to do in the long run.

The report is available to the public on the Coalition’s website.

May 15, 2024