Workshop on aquatic nuisance species slated for North American Conference

Workshop on aquatic nuisance species slated for North American Conference

The aquatic nuisance species (ANS) issue is a complex and costly ecological, business, policy, legislative and political issue. It also is a nightmare in terms of law enforcement and communications. To address the issue and identify means of coordinating effective responses to invasive nuisance aquatic species, a one-day workshop will be held in March 2007 in conjunction with the 72nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference, in Portland, Oregon.

The workshop will be a forum for state, federal and tribal agency administrators, along with technical staff, university researchers, nongovernmental organization and corporate representatives to discuss implementation of a communication strategy to consolidate and coordinate issue-related information. The workshop is seen as an opportunity to determine how communication can work most effectively to counter the spread of known and potentially new ANS.

Presentations, a question-and-answer session, a poster session over lunch and a facilitated discussion with panel members will highlight the workshop, which will take place on Monday, March 19, 2007. The workshop is being organized by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA). The preliminary agenda calls for:
? Examining case histories of partnership efforts to communicate ANS issues
? Developing communication strategies on ANS issues?using information developed by others as a template
for addressing similar ANS issues elsewhere
? Discussing development and implementation of communication strategies in light of personnel and
funding constraints
? Developing more effective mechanisms of regional coordination mechanisms
? Reviewing and discussing common ANS materials developed by attendees to reduce development time,
money and redundancy
? Communicating with corporations, businesses and organizations about their role in resolving ANS issues
? Exploring effective partnerships
? Sharing scientific information and databases

For additional information about the workshop, contact Amber Pairis, AFWA, at Other information on the 72nd North American Conference can be found at The advance program for the Conference will be completed and available in early December. To receive a copy of the advance program, contact Bette McKown, WMI, or call 202-371-1808.

September 09, 2006