Submitting a Product for Black Bear Testing

Instructions for submitting a bear-resistant product for official testing through the SEAFWA Bear-Resistant Products Testing Program are as follows:

  1. Complete a Product Submission Form for each product being submitted.

    Completed forms can be e-mailed to the Testing Coordinator or mailed to the following address:
    Sowka Enterprises LLC
    P.O. Box 922
    Pauls Valley, OK 73075
  2. Pay the appropriate testing fee (must be paid prior to testing).

Captive Bear Testing

Testing Program personnel will determine if the product is safe for handling by testing personnel and the black bears. If the product is deemed acceptable, they will contact one of the approved SEAFWA-approved testing facilities to determine testing facility availability. If you have a testing facility preference, please note that on the Product Submission Form. Once facility availability has been determined, the product submitter will contact that facility to arrange for a test date.

Please note that captive bear testing runs from April 1st through November 31st each year. Product submitters are responsible for getting their product(s) to the testing facility and for pick-up of the product(s) when testing is complete. Any products not picked up within 30 days become the property of the testing facility.

Field Testing

Toxicant delivery devices only

The Testing Program Coordinator will determine the appropriate field testing site and contact the agency liaison for that site. One availability has been determined, the Testing Program Coordinator will put the agency liaison in contact with the product submitter. The two parties will make arrangements for the toxicant delivery device to be delivered and set up for testing.