Jimmy Bullock Receives 2017 Grinnell Award

Jimmy Bullock Receives 2017 Grinnell Award

Wildlife biologist, certified forester, and forest conservationist, Jimmy Bullock was the recipient of the Wildlife Management Institute?s 2017 George Bird Grinnell Award for Distinguished Service to Natural Resource Conservation. The honor was conferred during the 82nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference last month in Spokane, Washington.

Jimmy Bullock Receives 2017 Grinnell Award

Bullock, the current Senior Vice President of Forest Sustainability for the Resource Management Service, has invested more than 35 years into the advancement of sustainable forest practices and forest habitat restoration.

Presenting the award, Steve Williams, WMI President, observed: ?George Bird Grinnell?the acknowledged ?Father of American Conservation??was remarkably diverse in lending his time, foresight and talents to the causes of wildlife protection and management, habitat restoration, wildlands preservation and clean water. He was the consummate sportsman and conservation mentor to Theodore Roosevelt. Through his writings, his Forest and Stream magazine, through his political activism and, by dint of his low-key, persuasive personality, Grinnell helped ensure that conservation emerged as part of the national agenda.?

Bullock earned his Bachelor?s Degree in Forestry from Mississippi State University in 1980 and his Masters Degree in Wildlife Ecology from MSU in 1982. His personal and professional life have remained firmly rooted in the south, and his colleagues assert that he epitomizes the ?type-specimen of the southern wildlife biologist,?

?Jimmy embodies all of the award?s most significant hallmarks, as well as the strength of character shared by all previous recipients.? - Steve Williams, WMI President

Over his career, he has influenced numerous critical conservation initiatives through his service on a wide array of national boards and conservation committees. These include the Board of Directors for the National Conservation Leadership Institute, the Catch-A-Dream Foundation, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, the Forest Landowner?s Association, the North American Forest Partnership, and the Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy. He also has the distinction of being a founding board member and longest tenured past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Quality Deer Management Association.

During the award presentation, Williams observed, ?In spite of Jimmy?s stellar achievements and professional advancement, he has remained a boots-on-the-ground biologist who understands that conservation is achieved in the steady progression of small wins, not flourishes of professional grandeur. He is defined by his rock-solid sense of right and wrong, and is, among his other qualities, a consummate professional and gentleman, thoughtful and considerate at all times, and eager to help someone in need.?

April 14, 2017