Progress Reports on RCN Grants Now Available

Progress Reports on RCN Grants Now Available

The Regional Conservation Needs (RCN) grant program was created as a mechanism to share expertise and funding by northeastern states to address landscape-scale issues, advance collaboration and likelihood of success, and result in more effective conservation of species. The first phase of the RCN program was developed in 2007, resulting in 47 funded regional conservation projects. The current phase, RCN 2.0, was developed in 2017 and work is underway on the three overall identified projects with progress reports available online.

RCN 2.0 has a new structure. There are three projects: turtles, pollinators and technical services. The objectives of the 2018 – 2022 Regional Conservation Needs grant are:

  • Stabilize or increase populations of five priority Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need turtles. These turtle species will be the focus of conservation actions: Blanding’s, Eastern Box, Wood, and Spotted Turtles and Northern Diamondback Terrapins.
  • Restore and enhance habitats, with emphasis on early successional habitats, to benefit native pollinators.
  • Add new information to the Northeast Regional State Wildlife Action Plan Database, to support ongoing collaborative work by states, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and partners.

Each project has multiple jobs, and under each job are multiple General Service Agreements (GSAs) that are actively working. Information on each project and progress reports from active GSAs below can be found at

Project 1: Turtle Project

Job I. Spotted Turtle Conservation

  • GSA 00040 Genetic Connectivity of Spotted Turtle, VA Commonwealth Univ
  • GSA 00041 Spotted Turtle in MD/DE, Salisbury University
  • GSA 00042 Spotted Turtle in NJ, Tesauro Consulting
  • GSA 00043 Spotted Turtle in WV, West Virginia University
  • GSA 00045 Spotted Turtle in NY, SUNY
  • GSA 00046 Amend #1 Spotted Turtle in DE, Mid Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation

Job II. Eastern Box Turtle Conservation Plan

  • GSA 00046 Eastern Box Turtle Status Assessment, Conservation Plan, and BMPs., Mid Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation
  • GSA 00047 Eastern Box Turtle Status Assessment, Conservation Plan, and BMPs., Patrick Roberts

Job III. Road Mitigation

  • GSA 00033 Road Mortality Hotspot Identification, Clarkson University

Job IV. Wood & Blanding's Turtle Conservation

  • GSA 00057 NE Turtle Conservation Database, Daniel Martinelli
  • GSA 00074 Conservation Plan for the Blanding’s Turtle and associated SGCN in the NE, Orianne Society

Project 2: Pollinator Project

Job I. Pollinator Monitoring Protocols

  • GSA 00031 Process Bee Samples, University of MA
  • GSA 00032 Develop Bee Sampling Protocol, Joan Milam
  • GSA 00050 Process Bee Samples, Michael Veit
  • GSA 00077 Pre-ID Bee Speciman Prep, Melwood
  • GSA 00078 Bee Identification, Claire Maffei

Job II. Vegetation Monitoring Protocols

  • GSA 00030 Develop Vegetation Monitoring Protocols, MASSWILDLIFE
  • Match Helen Poulos Consulting
  • Match The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Karen Lombard
  • Match Birch Malotky (Northern NH TNC)
  • Match Nantucket Conservation FND
  • Match Baron Lin (SCBI)

Job III. Adaptive Habitat Management & BMPs

  • GSA 00060 Green Ridge, Maryland DNR
  • GSA 00060 Pocomoke, Maryland DNR
  • GSA 00061 Linda Loring, Linda Loring Nature Fnd
  • GSA 00062 Kennebuck Plains, TNC Maine
  • GSA 00063 Sandbar WMA, VT Fish and Wildlife
  • GSA 00065 Katama Airpark, TNC Massachusetts
  • GSA 00066 Matianuch Natural Area Preserve, Connecticut DEEP
  • GSA 00067 Albany Pine Bush, Albany Pine Bush
  • GSA 00069 Concord Pine Barrens Site #3, NH Fish and Game

Job IV. Coordinate Project Team

  • GSA 00029 Amendment #1 Communication & Project Support, Terwilliger Consulting
  • GSA 00070 Communication & Project Support, Strategic Stewardship Initiative

Project 3: Technical Services

Job I. Technical Support and DB Management

  • GSA 00029 Technical Services, Terwilliger Consulting
  • GSA 00029 Amendment #2 Technical Services, Terwilliger Consulting
June 15, 2019