Wildlife Disease (One-Health)

WMI encourages and supports the network of fish and wildlife health practitioners in their work to address zoonotic and other wildlife diseases and other fish and wildlife health issues. WMI, working with many partners, has been actively engaged to provide staffing, social media content, research and training to address this complex issue. The Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Alliance's promotes responsible and accurate communications regarding CWD and supports strategies that effectively control CWD to minimize its impact on wild, free-ranging deer and elk populations. WMI has partnered with organizations to provide critical staffing for fish and wildlife disease management.

Facilitating Collaboration: Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance

Staffing: Northeast Regional Fish and Wildlife Health Coordinator Hired | Wildlife Management Institute

Research: WMI, working with partners through the Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance, provides a small number of research grants in this arena.

Communication: ONB articles such as Tick-borne diseases and Ongoing Disease Issues Increase Urgency of Improved Wildlife Health Surveillance | Wildlife Management Institute