COMMISSION GUIDEBOOK: Understanding the Fish and Wildlife Commission’s role in strategic partnership with the Agency, the Director, and Stakeholders

This 2022 revision of the Commission Guidebook was prepared by the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) with support from the Association of the Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA). This Guidebook provides incoming Commission members with relevant tools, perspectives, and strategies to make decisions that impact the conservation of fish, wildlife, and habitat for current and future generations. It provides an overview of approaches that will allow Commission members to establish and improve relationships with the agency directors, agency staff and stakeholders. It can help Commission members become more effective stewards of public resources and improve governance during their terms of service. This document provides useful background information and guidance for Commission members to be effective trustees of their state’s natural resource public trust assets. It is intended to create awareness of the roles, responsibilities, and challenges to state Commissions and their agencies.