Beyond the Critters - A New Resource for State Wildlife Agency Leaders

Beyond the Critters - A New Resource for State Wildlife Agency Leaders

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) released a new book by Dr. Dwight Guynn, former head of AFWA’s Management Assistance Team. “Beyond the Critters – Considerations for Managing and Leading State Fish and Wildlife Agencies” draws on Dr. Guynn’s 30-plus year career working for and with state agencies across the country.

This book includes chapters on subjects such as agency management systems, interrelatedness of agency components, successful agency change, leadership, interaction with the public, and emotion in communications with the public. It provides both practical, “how to” advice accompanied by numerous real-world case studies and discussion of the important values, principles, and philosophies that are the foundation of state agency effectiveness. The target audience for the book is current and future leaders in state wildlife agencies.

Dr. Steve Williams, President of the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) and WMI Western Field Representative, Chris Smith, served as reviewers during development of the book. Dr. Williams said the book will be a valuable adjunct to his work with AFWA’s Blue Ribbon Panel to enhance state agency relevance. Smith said the chapters on agency interdependency, commission and agency governance, and the leadership challenges associated with agency change dovetail with WMI’s efforts to improve agency alignment with wildlife governance principles based on public trust responsibilities.

AFWA owns all rights to the book and proceeds from sales go back into AFWA’s support of state wildlife agencies. Copies of the book are available from the AFWA Management Assistance Team (contact

May 15, 2017