Registration Available for Virtual North American Conference

Registration Available for Virtual North American Conference

Online registration is now open for the 86th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference! Links to the conference registration and draft agenda can be found by visiting the conference website.

86th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference banner

What will the Virtual Conference Look Like?

As we move the conference online, we look forward to offering the same informative and timely content from presenters and the space to connect with attendees and partners from across North America. The virtual conference will include our regular schedule and opportunities for engagement, including the WMI plenary session, four special sessions featuring topics of current interest to natural resources professionals, workshop offerings, and networking opportunities. In addition to participating in the live events, all attendees will have access to recordings that can be viewed at any time. Moving our in-person conference to an online format presents us with the unique opportunity to explore new tools for online collaboration and connection and make more content accessible.

About the Virtual Venue

The conference will be hosted in Pathable, a virtual event platform. Pathable’s award-winning cross-device desktop web and mobile experience platform combines cutting edge design, community features, integrated webinars and live video to deliver the unique value of events in an online environment. Custom landing pages for partners create a year-round, virtual tradeshow. Partners can manage their own logo, videos (product demonstrations, commercials), files (brochures, flyers), description, and more. A searchable keyword index helps attendees find the partners and attendees can easily share their contact information, similar to having their badge scanned at a live event.

Benefits of Sponsoring the Virtual Conference

  • COST AND TIME SAVINGS: Save time and money by conveniently accessing the conference from your home or workspace. Without the hassle and cost of travel, you can focus on maximizing your experience and networking abilities while also attending to work and family responsibilities.
  • BRING ATTENDEES TO YOUR SHOW ROOM OR JOB SITE: You’re no longer limited to what you can fit within the confines or your exhibit space. Consider pre-recording product demonstrations, or tours of your show room or job site! Share an unlimited number of video recordings to help attendees learn about your company, products, services, and your team!
  • SUSTAINABILITY: By eliminating the need for travel and reducing the energy required for an in-person event, our virtual conference will have a much smaller carbon footprint. It will also avoid the large amount of waste that would typically be generated at an in-person event (coffee cups, fliers, brochures, giveaways).
  • MORE QUALIFIED LEADS: The virtual conference will allow you to connect with a larger audience, many of whom may have not attended due to cost and travel constraints. Consider involving more of your staff who would not have been approved for travel in past years. The virtual environment will provide new opportunities to engage fellow attendees in real-time chat, discussion forums, and one on one or small group video with participants. Reports are available to you post-conference for things like who joined your virtual booth (Zoom room staffed by your company representatives), and number of people to collect information about your company.
  • CONTINUED EXPOSURE FOR ONE YEAR POST-CONFERENCE: The virtual conference platform will be available for one year past the conference dates, prolonging your company's recognition and exposure.
January 15, 2021