AFWA Adopts Updated Commission Guidebook

AFWA Adopts Updated Commission Guidebook

At the AFWA Annual meeting in Ft. Worth, TX, the Directors adopted the revised Commission Guidebook (Commission Guidebook 2022). In spring 2022, WMI partnered with AFWA to update the Commission Guidebook to reflect changing norms of state agency commission practices.

The updated Guidebook provides incoming Commission members with relevant tools, perspectives, and strategies to make decisions that impact the conservation of fish, wildlife, and habitat for current and future generations. It provides an overview of approaches that will allow Commission members to establish and improve relationships with the agency directors, agency staff, and stakeholders. It can help Commission members become more effective stewards of public resources and improve governance during their terms of service. This document provides useful background information and guidance for Commission members to be effective trustees of their state’s natural resource public trust assets. It is intended to create awareness of the roles, responsibilities, and challenges to state Commissions and their agencies.

The revised Guidebook is significantly shorter (~20 pgs.) and digital. It includes sections on the history of the Commission system in the US, current challenges in conservation, as well as the role of the Commission, the Commissioners, and stakeholders. The Guidebook also provides additional resources that will assist agency staff responsible for on-boarding new Commissioners as well as seasoned Commissioners, such as an overview of federal funding programs and key legislation as well as tips for holding effective online meetings and creating a state-specific Commissioner Orientation Guide.

The Guidebook, an Executive Summary, and recorded PowerPoint presentation are posted on the AFWA website.

October 17, 2022